Decorating to Maximize Space

Living smaller doesn't mean losing functionality.

While a condominium is smaller than other types of dwelling unit, single or married couples often prefer it. The idea of maintaining small space is one of the reasons why condominium living appeals to some. Small space, however, doesn't mean uninviting and cluttered. It can entail some sacrifices on your part, but the challenge lies in decorating the same small area and maximizing all available space to create a stunning place you can truly call home.

Here are some condominium living decorating ideas and tips that can help you beautify your own space.

Keep window treatments simple. Take advantage of the open space offered by the windows. Allow the eyes to linger beyond the four corners of the room so keep the windows open unless you want to hide some eyesores outside the condominium. Avoid using heavy drapes, dark fabrics, or blinds that prevent entry of air and light. Instead hang curtains with light panels, but sheer enough to provide you with privacy. Otherwise, use electric roller blinds that open and shut automatically.

Keep it down to the basics. Unlike traditional homes, condominiums do not have the luxury of space so the key in decorating it is to keep the essentials and take away the unnecessary. Make use of space wisely by not overdoing the room decor. Replace a bulky coffee table with a smaller side table that can be positioned out of the way. Keep down the quantity of accessories to avoid a busy look in such small space.

Pick the right-sized furniture. When choosing furniture, keep in mind that you're decorating for a small space. Go for multifunctional items that can be used for several purposes without eating much space. An armless sofa that converts into bed, a table with shelves and drawers underneath, a chair that conforms to different heights are all smart choices that save space and money.

Paint with light and neutral colors. The general rule in painting small rooms like condominiums is to use light and neutral colors to create the illusion of space. Paint the ceiling a shade lighter than the wall. Shades of yellow can provide the feeling of warmth while blue-gray give calming effect to the occupant. Painting with light colors also reflects light that is more natural. If you can't paint the walls, paint the furniture to create impact to your small space.

Use mirrors. One of the most clever condominium living decorating ideas is to install mirrors to expand the limited space. Mirrors do not only make an area appear larger, they also reflect light especially if they are positioned across a window. Placing the mirror at the right spots can make the room larger and brighter.

Decorate with rugs. Luxuriate in small condominium by adding rugs to make the room appear larger. Rugs always add the feeling of warmth, comfort, and luxury. Instead of just one, consider laying two small area rugs within good distance apart to create a sense of unutilized space.

Utilize the wall. Instead of using a freestanding cabinet that consumes floor space, install floating shelves on the walls. Walls are underutilized space that can be used in many ways, such as for mounting a flat-screen television or for displaying your cherished artworks. Stagger the shelves so you can easily rotate display items as desired.

Take advantage of open storage. Use industrial metal shelving unit to serve as extra kitchen storage. The cool finish adds modern touch and creates an organized look. Use coordinating baskets to contain kitchen staples and few decorative items to soften the metallic appearance.

It takes lots of smart condominium living decorating ideas to transform a small space into a functional living area where you can experience all the comforts of home. Condominium living is a lifestyle statement in today's world. Whether you take the DIY route or hire an expert to decorate the condominium for you, your unit should always be a welcoming place for you and your visitors.