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Advice on Pricing my Home for a Bidding War

For months now (years?) Wisconsin condo and home Sellers have been pricing their houses to generate bidding wars. They price a little below what they think it will sell for in order to attract attention, their real estate agent goes to great effort to market and show the property to as many people as possible and they…
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Home Selling Advice for Parents of Younger Children

Selling your house is a big undertaking whether you’re single or have 3 kids under 3, but the time and effort you make to prepare it will pay back in cold hard cash. Today I’ve got home selling advice for all the parents out there: Identifying Your Ideal Buyer One of the most important discussions you need to have…
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Should You Buy or Sell First?

To buy or to sell your Wisconsin home or condo first? That is the million dollar question. It’s a question we get from buyers and sellers all the time. And we wish there was an easy answer each and every time. but there isn’t one. Some of the ways to consider the questions, for your own…
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Advice – Should You Get Home Pre-Inspected?

A pre-listing home inspection is a home inspection that is performed by the current owner before they list their property. Essentially, a Seller hires and pays for a professional home inspector (approx $300 - $400 for a 2-3 hour inspection) to provide a written report of the condition of their house (inside and outside) and then makes the report available to potential Buyers.…
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