Will your next agent have the experience to sell your home or condo?  We do.

I have 20 years as a Realtor, and that is why the link here can help.  It allows you to look up how long someone has been working as a Realtor in Wisconsin. Some agents say they have been working for “years” when the actuality is “years” means only “2 years.”

Even after 20 years I am learning new things that can be HIGHLY important to a client’s goals.  Would you want a surgeon or financial advisor with less than two years experience?

The link below takes you to the State of Wisconsin Dept of Safety and Professional Services page to learn how long a person has been licensed in Wisconsin (for all types of jobs).

  1. For learning how long someone has been a Realtor, click the link in this sentence and select Health/Business Individual Credential/License Search or just (click here) but don’t forget instructions below
  2. Enter the person’s last name and at least first letter of first name
  3. Just push SEARCH and you will see when the person earned their license in Wisconsin
  4. Contact me – As you will see I have been licensed since 1998 and I would love to be interviewed by you, listen to your goals, and show you what I know!