Unfortunately it is not normal that we promote the home we are selling by showing it the same we we live in it daily. We will take the time to go through the home and prepare it for viewings, both online with pictures, and for the private appointments that follow.  It can be an emotional…
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Top Homes for Me

Beyond price and location, what makes a home and location best for you?. You are the best person to judge, but we have seen what others have factored into their decisions.  Examples of these factors have been: Does the Association allow for certain pets? Can I park a commercial vehicle in the driveway? Does the Association…
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Moving Forward

Selling and buying can be both emotional and time investments.  We sell more homes and have more partnered agents, with the potential to then make the experience a better process. Maybe you already saw the sales graph showing how we sell more homes in area.  If not,  Click Here The reason this can be important is it…
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