Faster than Zillow and Realtor.com. How? Because we are a direct member of the local Wisconsin MLS, where the information STARTS.

We realize you have maybe not yet created a relationship with a real estate agent and it is our focus for future buyers and sellers to deliver such information. This tool will help you learn, at your own pace, values and availability of competing homes.

We are Realtor members of the local MLS, here in NE Wisconsin, and rather than waiting for the information to be transferred to 3rd party sites like Realtor.com or Zillow, then to you, we get it to you faster and directly from the MLS. Buyers cannot afford to be 24 hours late when ready to buy. That is why this is a free 6-month service. No credit card or payment information will be asked for… never.

After making your choices below, the criteria will be entered into our statewide reaching MLS within 24 hours, and begin sending you updates. By submitting the form below you consent to email updates from the local Realtor’s Association and servicing agent for all participating properties by all participating brokers. This service is free of charge and can be canceled by either party at any time. Consumers may additionally use the unsubscribe method within any delivered email.

Note: We do not sell search criteria and/or contact information. If you are a 3rd party re-seller of data the service here is not allowed. Only non commercial use of this service is permissible by the subscriber.

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